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At the occasion of her first personal exhibition in Switzerland, American artist Trudy Benson presents a group of paintings whose content has shifted from being heavily digitally influenced to being more about analog ways of making work, like collage. The artist is interested in surface, colors and color combinations that can’t quite be photographed the same way that our eyes see the color in real life.

(…) It’s almost a fetish to have so many sensory qualities in an essentially 2-D object, especially these days when almost anything can be experienced virtually. (…)

Trudy Benson’s paintings are constructed in successive layers by a process of filtering from the back to the surface, in which the patterns overlap and intertwine. The various elements of the painting seem to move across the surface; the diffused sprayed layers do not constitute a specific pictorial plane; on the contrary, they are a space where parts of the painting can act or perform.

In a way the paintings are representative of other ways of making imagery.