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The exhibition SWISS MADE | Invitation, Chapter I is born from the desire to bring together artists whose practice is between dialogue and contrast. This choice is by no means exhaustive of the multiplicity of artistic practices in Switzerland and is therefore not intended to present ‘a’ Swiss art. The vast majority of the works of the ten artists are proposed for the first time and / or created specifically for the exhibition.

The fully restored Piaggio Ciao by Valentin Carron, ‘ready-made’ of an utilitarian object and symbol of marginality and freedom of a social class popular in the 80s is now at a standstill. The two paintings of Sylvain Croci-Torti seem to serve as background. On his canvases, the movement also stopped, leaving visible only the traces of the vertical passages of the serigraphy squeegee.

Mathis Gasser’s ‘Mass Effect Ships’ is composed of eponymous video game spaceships, frozen, classified by category and size, waiting to be activated by switching to a virtual world.

Fabrice Gygi has decided to present three new wooden sculptures whose repetition in space recalls certain figures of American minimalism of the 70s. The ‘Euxidies’ are at once totems, pedestals, falsely utilitarian objects and cages. The grid-like pattern of wood panels echoes with the intertwining of black watercolor.

Dreams and humor live in the paintings of Urban Zellweger. The ‘Booty’ of Yarisal & Kublitz seems to wait to be integrated in the landscapes of Urban. Placed on the ground, a basket of ceramic apples by Mai-Thu Perret rubs the world of witchcraft and seems to emerge from a daydream.

Sylvie Fleury’s ‘Crash Tests’, monoliths made of steel, lacquered with car paint, are deformed and scratched by the impacts received. Installed on the wall, they impose themselves without compromise in the main space. Apparently frivolous, ‘Wild Pairs’, whose stiletto heels tread the pages of a magazine Playgirl, impact both by their visual and conceptual strength.

John Armleder presents a new work, entitled ‘Gravikords’, whose splashes of paint compose and rhythm the canvas with humor and sensuality.

Two new paintings from the Stretched Museum series by Damián Navarro are hybrids between radical painting and sculpture. The wings of the paintings unfold in space and echo the spaceships of Mathis Gasser.

The gallery warmly thanks all the artists of the exhibition who accepted the invitation, as well as the galleries Sébastien Bertrand, Joy de Rouvre, Karma International, Francesca Pia and Eva Presenhuber.