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Russell Tyler’s paintings are sensuous and tactile, with expressively applied oil paint and rich impasto. His works are a combination of distinctives styles that are unified by the way the paint is applied. The shifts in schemes and forms resonate with various movements from the history of abstraction of the twentieth century, i.e. Abstract Expressionism, Concrete Art and Minimalism.

Russell Tyler’s works can’t be seen as simple reference to Josef Albers or Philip Guston, they are distinctly of their time, related to digital technologies both outmoded and new. Unrelated pictural movements or styles are then transformed into his own langage.

Talking about his work in his studio few years ago, Tyler stated: “I want [the paintings] to have an old, modernist feel, but also looking at abstraction, not from a Greenbergian perspective… but from a nostalgic perspective… it’s adding a more personal perspective… the way we see an image is a little different than a generation before us… because of what media we grew up with.”

For his exhibition at the gallery, the artist presents three body of works ranging from gestural abstraction to abstract landscape to dense floral compositions.