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RIBORDY THETAZ is very excited to welcome Anne Libby, whose work is presented in Switzerland for the first time.

In her solo exhibition “Form Constant,” the American artist presents wall works in reflective fabric as well as sculptures assembled from Formica, Venetian blinds, aluminum and ceramic.

Three quilts are composed of a patchwork of fabrics sewn in irregular sequences, which encircle a large free-standing sculpture.  The composition of each quilt suggests a dreamlike vision of a skyscraper reflecting a surrounding cityscape.  The sculpture’s form is skeletal, like that of a building under construction before an exterior skin of glass has been added.  In “Form Constant,” the relationship between construction and reflection is cyclical, suggesting an ongoing human condition.

The quilting of the fabric and its gendered references to American craft are conjoined with the illusion they depict – monolithic constructed buildings made of metal and glass. While depicting an everyday phenomenon seen in the public urban landscape, the format of the quilts refers to an interior domestic space.  The illusion of shadowy reflections aims to represent a common yet unpredictable optical experience: disruption of the surfaces of large shimmering buildings.  The configurations of these reflections are almost psychedelic, and offer the opportunity for interference in a world of seemingly infinite urban development.

Three wall sculptures are installed in the second exhibition space.  In each work, Formica parts are aggregated into clusters, and meticulously wrapped in metallic Venetian blinds.  Here, Libby reconstitutes materials of the interior – the countertop and the window covering – thereby exploring her ongoing interest in labor, privacy and surface.